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Seattle, WA


Megan Intfen is an energy medicine and wellness expert specializing in healing as well as educating clients by using some simple exercises you can do each day to strengthen your immune system, unscramble your brain, protect yourself from toxins, lose weight, feel relaxed, have confidence, and create joy.

Energy medicine and health coaching do not require you to give up your cookie habit, run ten miles a day or sit in meditation for hours on end. Feeling better through these modalities is easy, accessible and completely safe.

The Energy Medicine Cabinet

Energy work is important for physical, mental and emotional health. Here, you'll find tips and best practices for strengthening your immune system through simple detoxification protocols to create your own personalized daily energy-balancing routine.

The Human Biofield, otherwise known as your Aura

Mia Horberg

Not long ago, when the word aura was mentioned it tended to conjure the image of some Stevie Nicks doppelgänger with a crystal ball soliciting aura readings on the street.  Actually, those people still exist.  But the truth is that science is catching up with what Eastern Medicine has known for thousands of years:  We have an aura.  It has been measured and photographed.  It is a field of electromagnetic energy that surrounds our physical body, and is known by names such as “the human biofield,” “electromagnetic field,” and “luminous energy field.”

Some people can, in fact, see it.


The aura is a protective container of energy around us and is considered its own energetic system in Energy Medicine.  It communicates with outside energies and with the body’s other energy systems like the chakras and meridians.  The aura pulls in positive energy and repels negative energy….that is, when it’s working properly.

Like all energetic systems, the aura is susceptible to damage.  In our world of stressors and toxins, there are many ways in which an aura can be torn, collapsed or even detached from your body.  For example, a sudden trauma might cause the aura to “unhook” itself from the physical body.  Obviously these issues would result in less adequate protection.  Having a faulty aura is kind of like being naked in a snowstorm.

A damaged aura can result in emotional upheaval as well as physical problems. A person with a collapsed aura might feel vulnerable, uncomfortable around other people, and have a weak immune system.  Because I’m very sensitive to others’ energies, I had a host of problems before I learned to strengthen my aura.  I use to feel like I was being assaulted by everyone’s negative energy when I rode the subway during rush hour.  I would start my day exhausted and depleted.  Now that I do simple daily energy exercises on myself,  I can be in crowds without feeling completely overwhelmed.  I like to think that I have a magical forcefield around me at all times, and that’s a fairly accurate description of the aura.

There are a few ways to strengthen your aura daily so that going out into the world is not quite so hazardous.  In an energy healing session, I can also test you to see if your aura is collapsed, detached or torn.  As with all energy treatments, it’s easy and painless to get your auric field patched up.  If you think aura work might be for you, contact me right away!