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Megan Intfen is an energy medicine and wellness expert specializing in healing as well as educating clients by using some simple exercises you can do each day to strengthen your immune system, unscramble your brain, protect yourself from toxins, lose weight, feel relaxed, have confidence, and create joy.

Energy medicine and health coaching do not require you to give up your cookie habit, run ten miles a day or sit in meditation for hours on end. Feeling better through these modalities is easy, accessible and completely safe.

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Energy work is important for physical, mental and emotional health. Here, you'll find tips and best practices for strengthening your immune system through simple detoxification protocols to create your own personalized daily energy-balancing routine.

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Reiki Healing NYC Vs Energy Medicine?

Mia Horberg

Reiki essentially is defined as “life force energy.” The foundation of Reiki is where a specialist will be able to feel energetic instability as well as deliver fresh, clean energy to any place throughout your body where it is needed. Reiki providers make use of his or her instinct and think about his or her self as being conduits of universal life force.


While Reiki healing therapy has numerous benefits, it additionally contains disadvantages as an effective healing modality. To begin with, Reiki isn’t precise enough for many individuals. Even though you may complete a treatment feeling renewed, there isn’t any evaluation method or means for your specialist to inform you of precisely what is amiss or exactly what is bringing about your energy imbalance.This is often disheartening for anyone trying to find the answers as to the reasons they’ve got problematic conditions. The majority of individuals are looking for the maximum amount of knowledge obtainable for them to take care of his or her issues to the very best of their capabilities.

As a type of energy healing, Reiki healing therapy doesn’t deal with imbalances throughout every one of the energetic systems. Healers during the last 2000 years have identified 9 distinctive systems of energy. Various modalities like acupuncture, acupressure, and energy medicine work specifically with one or more of these systems. Reiki practitioners may inadvertently access these systems when working on a client, but they are not trained in identifying them or how exactly you might be imbalanced.

Lastly, Reiki clients are not able to work on treating his or her self without a session with a practitioner. Unless you come to be certified as a Reiki practitioner, there’s nothing you can accomplish outside of your practitioner’s workspace to carry on helping yourself.

There are however, other healing modalities that allow clients to take exercises and techniques home with them so that you are empowered to take part in the healing process and speed up the results.

Energy Medicine is an effective modality which combines methodologies from numerous ancient healing traditions such as Chinese Medicine and Shamanism. Like Reiki, Energy Medicine treats issues within the energetic body, which can manifest into physical problems if left untreated.

Energy Medicine uses biofeedback mechanisms to tell clients exactly which energetic imbalances they are suffering from. Once this is determined, practitioners choose a technique from their vast toolbox and proceed to treat the specific imbalance that was found. Clients are able to leave with information on their condition as well as exercises to help prevent the symptoms from showing up again.

Energy Medicine, unlike any other healing modality, provides treatment for challenges within all 9 energetic systems. Some of those systems include the chakras, the energetic field, and the meridians. Energy Medicine practitioners are knowledgeable in how to test and correct for imbalances in each of these, rather than relying solely on intuition.

Energy Medicine professionals provide their clients with exercises and techniques to perform on themselves so that you can take part in your own healing. This also accelerates the healing process as well as permits you to spend less money on visits to your practitioner.

While Reiki treatments can be beneficial and relaxing, especially for those who have not experienced energy healing before, it can also leave you looking for more. Next time you’re looking for a healing session, try your local Energy Medicine practitioner instead and decide for yourself which treatment you prefer.